By Miranda Gavin, 2021.

Home Discomforts (1996) is a series of 35mm colour transparency photographs I took in the rented flat where I grew up in North West London. This was home. It is also the place where I was sexually abused when I was a child by my stepfather (now deceased) who took the black and white portrait of me. I confronted him in 1990.

Police & Domestic Violence

Nowhere to turn: Women say domestic abuse by police officers goes unpunished

Domestic abuse within police force to be investigated

Police Response to Women of Color and Domestic Violence

Violence & Sexual Harassment

Almost all young women in the UK have been sexually harassed, survey finds

Endemic violence against women is causing a wave of anger

How many violent attacks and sexual assaults on women are there?

Domestic & Economic Abuse

Surviving economic abuse

Stories of Domestic Abuse by Evie Muir

Jess Phillips MP: We count what we care about

Ask for ANI domestic abuse codeword scheme: pharmacy materials


Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD)

Exploring women’s experiences of domestic violence: Injury, impact and infant feeding


Cyber Flashing

9 Women Tell Us Why The UK Needs A Cyber Flashing Law: 'We Need To Feel Safe In Public'

Cyber-flashing: 'I froze when penis picture dropped on to my phone'

Smartphone Abusers Your Time Is Up: Cyber-Flashing To Become A Sex Crime

Online and Digital Abuse

Staying safe online

TOXIC TWITTER - Women's experiences of violence and abuse on Twitter

Coronavirus: 'Revenge porn' surge hits helpline


Revealed: surge in domestic violence during Covid-19 crisis

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the different effects on men and women in the UK, March 2020 to February 2021

Covid: Women more anxious and overworked amid pandemic

Las Mulas

Mujeres, políticas de drogas y encarcelamiento

Mulas: el cuerpo de las mujeres como envase

Tres historias de mulas: cómo las entrenan los narcos para que traguen la droga


Workplaces must protect women going through menopause, say MPs

Find your community

A guide for employers and HR


Safe Spaces Now

‘Beyond Equality’ workshops that tackle toxic masculinity, offered in schools, universities, companies.

#StepUpMigrantWomen - headed by LAWRS

#MeToo At School - Campaign by EVAW

Support in healing from Trauma by Dr. Nina Burrowes at The Consent Collective

‘No Young Woman Left Behind’ - campaign by Young Women’s Trust

Good News

Refuge responds to government formally accepting amendment calling for threats to share intimate images to be made a crime.

'A beacon of change': new film to celebrate life of ceramicist Clarice Cliff


'Staying optimistic in the feminist fight for justice' by Mandu Reid


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