“Calima” is a multidisciplinary project that includes several works on the same theme: the transformation of industrialised environments through the allusive figure of dust. The fine matter serves as a point of union to articulate a discourse on different issues: women, society, production, manufacturing, time and work.

“Distillation, filtration, instillation” is the last of these works. It consists of a series of actions and performances where dust and its materiality are subjected to different changes. The work is a reflection on women, their bodies and labour, analysing the different roles, changes and isolations that they exercise within the industrial environment. It takes us to the periphery of a ceramic body in which dust is collected. In the first piece, dust permeates the canvas and creates the visual manifestation of the first change. In the second piece, the action focuses on the woman’s hands and the water, causing bleeding. The canvas oozes dust drop by drop, as if they were drops of sweat, in an allusion to the women who reside in the areas dedicated exclusively to the production of ceramics and who continually coexist with the haze of the factory. The last piece shows the last change: water and dust are collected in a ceramic tub to die white threads. Later they are laid out on a rail displaying the remains of liquid expelled by the canvas.


Sheroes is a collaborative project that highlights hidden herstories through the arts.

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