Sheroes–Revoluciones was created to continue the fight against Violence against Women* and Girls with an online project created for Women’s Herstory Month and beyond.

The Covid-19 crisis has brought to the fore the plethora of forms of violence that women are still subject to today and thus, Sheroes–Revoluciones was needed more than ever.

This time around, our aim was to continue to feed into this very much needed conversation through more insightful art from sheroic women artists and a series of online events to address social questions around gender-based violence and empower us all through the arts.

The project included:

– an arts exhibition including Sheroes-Revoluciones 2019 artists and some new additions.
– a collage workshop to “change the visual narrative”.
two panel talks that, through the voices of women in the academia, public figures, artists and activists, providing a space for reflection on the following topics: “Violence Against Women and Girls and the State” and “What is Next for Feminism”.
– an art discussion to rethink the way women have been – and still are – portrayed in our visual history and its violent side effects.

Sheroes Revoluciones 2.0 in numbers

15 artists

10 panelists

2,300 online visitors

1 online workshop for the general public

3 online panel talks

‘These events are always brilliant, inspirational, thought-provoking, and much needed in the current climate!’
Anonymous feedback

‘I love it. It’s so important to bring in different forms of communication, particularly around triggering issues
which can be hard to talk or write about. Art is healing.’
Anonymous feedback


These are a series of talks and workshops led by women in the academia, public figures, artists and activists.

Click on the events below for more information! 

Sheroes Prize winners

Divya Mittal

Sheroes Artist and Winner of the Sheroes Prize 2021

‘As an artist addressing abuse and trauma – I often find that galleries are hesitant to exhibit this kind of work. Lon-art Creative provides a platform where we can collectively and effectively engage in conversation addressing gender- based violence through art, public workshops, talks and discussions. A very brave initiative to raise social awareness on this topic and support artist careers at the same time. I am super grateful for the visibility and financial support that Sheroes-Revoluciones 2.0 provided.’

Farnoush Amini

Sheroes Artist and runner-up winner

‘As an artist with a specific point of view I have found it very difficult to find the right organizations to work with. The possibilities of my kind of work to fit within a certain area could be very challenging. Lots of galleries and exhibitions avoid types of work with a voice behind it. The Lon-art Creatives has created a platform which not only uses the language of the art to send out a unique message, but also gives the artists the courage and support to share their very own experience of trauma through their work and by talking openly about it. This approach not only brings awareness but also is therapeutic. By sharing your stories verbally and in your artwork you make your voice louder in order for it to be heard. I can not thank them enough for their commitment to deliver what they believe in.’


Since November 2019 is a long way back, here you have our re-cap video for you to remember what happened during the launch of Sheroes-Revoluciones at Ugly Duck.

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Sheroes is a collaborative project that highlights hidden herstories through the arts.

If you want to support the sheroes cause, please donate. All the money raised will go to running more Sheroes events.

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Welcome to Sheroes Revoluciones

Please be aware that the exhibition contains sensitive content that may be triggering for some. 
If you feel you need to speak to a professional 
0808 2000 247 ***Free helpline 
In case of emergency please call 111 
the Samaritans on their free 24h helpline 116 123
For more specialist services please visit our Women’s Support page
Stay safe!

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