Our artists and their stories are the real protagonists at the Sheroes events; without their art and courage our Sheroes project would be powerless. 


The way we work with our artists is based on collaborative principles. Fully aware of the importance of our artists and their practise, at Lon-art Creative we support the artists in our community beyond our exhibitions through coaching and mindfulness sessions, as well as photography and video support.

Lidia Lidia
Michaela Heynes
Anne Plaisance
Thyme James
Susana Millán
Farnoush Amini
Jenny Keiser
Divya Mittal
Abigail Hammond
Verónica Restrepo
Laila Sharif
Rachelle Romeo
Sam Heydt
Sandra Aicart

“Being a neurodivergent artist, having to isolate myself during the pandemic has been a great strain on my mental health, but through Sheroes I have had the chance to virtually meet and work with a range of artists and take part in some really helpful and inspiring workshops. Sheroes made it possible for me to connect with the art world again at a time when connection is so important and being chosen for the project meant that I was able to get the work I had produced during lockdown seen by people all over the world – it really was a dream come true to take part!”

Laura Greenway, Sheroes artist and winner of the Sheroes Prize (Sheroes in Quarantine Part II, 2020


Sheroes is a collaborative project that highlights hidden herstories through the arts.

If you want to support the sheroes cause, please donate. All the money raised will go to running more Sheroes events.

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Welcome to Sheroes Revoluciones

Please be aware that the exhibition contains sensitive content that may be triggering for some. 
If you feel you need to speak to a professional 
0808 2000 247 ***Free helpline 
In case of emergency please call 111 
the Samaritans on their free 24h helpline 116 123
For more specialist services please visit our Women’s Support page
Stay safe!

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