VIM is an ad-hoc installation that reflects on the normalisation of digital violence in our day to day lives.

Its purpose is to raise awareness about violence against women in the digital space. Violence has been so normalised, it exists around us, without us noticing it. In 2021, in a world where technology is at the core of our existence, violence has not disappeared. Violence has evolved into new forms, some of them more sophisticated. The harm and target remains the same: violence against women.

These types of violence include: online harassment, defamatory statements, hate-speech, cyber stalking, non-consensual sharing of intimate photos or videos, publication of obscene materials online (‘revenge porn’), distribution of ape and ‘sex videos’, photo perversion, cyber pornography, obscene propaganda, hacking, denial-of-service attacks, gender-based slurs, publication of private personal information (‘doxxing’), impersonation, extortion, rape and death threats, electronically-enabled trafficking, and sexual exploitation of minors.



Hate Speech

Revenge Porn


Sheroes is a collaborative project that highlights hidden herstories through the arts.

If you want to support the sheroes cause, please donate. All the money raised will go to running more Sheroes events.

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Welcome to Sheroes Revoluciones

Please be aware that the exhibition contains sensitive content that may be triggering for some. 
If you feel you need to speak to a professional 
0808 2000 247 ***Free helpline 
In case of emergency please call 111 
the Samaritans on their free 24h helpline 116 123
For more specialist services please visit our Women’s Support page
Stay safe!

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