The visual representation of women in art and the media leaves much to be desired, and women’s agency regarding self-representation continues to be suppressed: work by women artists makes up solely 3–5% of major permanent collections in the U.S. and Europe.

Sheroes is Lon-art’s small contribution towards addressing this dismal situation and providing a much-needed platform.

The exhibition champions little-known women warriors, leading ladies and unsung stars. Women artists and allies have been invited to use their creative expression to give a voice to and turn our eyes towards silenced and overlooked heroines – sheroes – throughout herstory, and offer inspiring female role models for us all.

We are here to celebrate women who have received recognition and made their voices heard against the odds, but also to acknowledge the everyday women who have suffered restrictions but have nonetheless exhibited strength on their own terms. It is time to raise up not just those who have fought, but also those who have resisted and endured when facing adversity and oppression.

Sheroes will take you on a journey of celebration, spirit and survival: from women who have stepped up to demand their rights and have found success, to the hidden herstories of those whose battles remain underappreciated or still go unaddressed.

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