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A featured article about Sheroes-Revoluciones and some of our artists on the most influential online magazine for women in leadership.

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K2K Radio

K2K RADIO – Maha’s Music ft Sheroes-Revoluciones

Maha interviews members of Lon-art Sheroes–Revoluciones: Bisila Noha, Director of Operations with Daniela Liberati and Cristina Cuevas, who discuss aspects of the social exhibition drawing attention to #violenceagainstwomen held on 22-24 Nov 2019.

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UGLY DUCK – María & Bisila for Ugly Duck

Sheroes comes back to Tanner Street with a crucial social exhibition, designed to draw attention to violence against women.

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HERSTRY – Interview: Maria Gonzalez

“Question the norm. A woman can be many things, and sometimes the norm is just a burden that confuses us and stop us from going down the right path for us.”

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CREATE – Bisila Noha on craftswomanship

The poetic ceramics of Bisila Noha are stirringly deceiving. At first glance, hand-crafted patterns form beautiful, abstract shapes on what seem to be familiar crockery objects. In reality, she creates ceramic paintings, which tell the story of nature’s ever-changing landscapes through a combination of ancient and modern marbling techniques. Her art brings to question the very core beliefs of academic art history, defying the traditional, hierarchical and confining division between Fine and Decorative Arts.

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Bisila talks to BBC Radio London about Lon-art’s Sheroes and #BlackSheroesMonth.

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