A workshop for the entire family to embark on a journey to discover and get inspired by four women artists from different times, backgrounds and artistic disciplines. Are you ready for some time-travelling?

A fun ‘journey’ during which parents and children will discover four women artists from different times, backgrounds and artistic disciplines. Children will be able to empathise with disability (Frida Kahlo), racial issues (Ellen Gallagher), mental health (Yayoi Kusama) or gender and beauty standards (Hannah Hoch). And by actively getting on someone else’s shoes, they will learn to be more aware of certain social injustices.

This workshop has been designed by Paula Criado, founder of Passaport d’art – an iniciative that aims to make Art History more enjoyable and therefore appealing for secondary schools students.

A family workshop where children and parents will be able to reflect upon memorabilia and the lack of female representation in public places through Mary Seacole’s life story, while making some amazing clay sculptures!

This workshop has been designed by Lon-art and all materials have been donated by GreatArt.

Sheroes is a collaborative project bringing together UK and international artists, feminist organisations, charities and the general public, including families. Through Sheroes, Lon-art aims to open a dialogue between art and the public, encouraging attendees to reflect upon the lack of female role models in society and make creative learning accessible for all.

Sheroes has been organised by Lon-art, in partnership with Ugly Duck and with the support of Outlandish and GreatArt.

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