Sheroes Magazine Issue 1

The Sheroes Magazine Issue 1 is our first editorial project.

It started as the catalogue of the first Sheroes-Revoluciones exhibition in November 2019. Due to the importance of the topic we are dealing with, it quickly turned into a much-needed compilation of the voices of some of the most prominent women fighting against violence against women and girls today.

As with everything we do, art illustrates and accompanies the content, making the magazine a piece of art in and of itself.

Expect opinion pieces, interviews, essays and facts shedding light on the myriad of ways in which violence against women can be presented. All in a hopeful and empowering tone, so that we don’t fall into despair. But rather, feel part of a community and get inspired to keep fighting for our rights.

While reading our magazine is free; nothing is really free. We have self-funded the production of this first issue and would love to raise the funds needed to print it. 

So if you enjoy reading it and believe in what we do, please consider making a donation.

If you share our views and mission and would like to contribute to the cause, please donate. 

All the money raised will go towards running more Sheroes events.


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