Sheroes Interventions on a black background

Sheroes Interventions is an art project which aims to contribute to reducing violence against women and girls (VAWG) and celebrating women* hidden herstories by:

  • Promoting awareness and drawing attention to VAWG through the display of artworks in public spaces by women activist artists
  • Engaging communities on this difficult and challenging topic through an initial visual conversation.
  • Offering the opportunity to engage further through a talk or art workshop led by the artist. Physical or online.
  • Reflecting and challenging women’s representations through art
  • Celebrating the contribution of women in our society and highlighting hidden women’s stories from our communities
  • Supporting established women activist artists by creating opportunities for them to showcase their work and conduct art workshops or talks within relevant communities, fostering social change through education and awareness.

Our aim is to redirect our social impact and focus on specific institutions, organisations and other public venues that work with and for people.*

Monthly reach

Over 400 people interacting with the artwork

50 people attending the talks

Over 500 people following our socials

1 in 3 women have experienced physical or sexual violence in their lives (worldwide)

In 2023
1.4 million women
suffered domestic abuse (UK)

147 women were killed by 144 men in 2021 (UK)


Our approach involves partnering with a range of institutions and organisations, including:
  • universities
  • colleges
  • local authorities
  • NHS facilities
  • charities’ premises
  • community centres
  • pubs or other social and public venues

How will partners and their communities benefit from participating?

  • Increase visual and social awareness of gender issues
  • Open crucial conversations within their community that can contribute to the implementation of gender equality and equity policies in their workplace
  • Reduce invisible violences in their communities
  • Help members of their community to feel supported, understood and cared for
  • Support their communities and staff’s mental health and wellbeing
  • Be a platform with zero tolerance for VAWG
  • Champion women and their valuable contribution in their workplace or institution
  • Evaluate and test their policies


We believe that through Sheroes Interventions we can create lasting ripples of positive change and contribute to reducing VAWG by harnessing the power of art, activism and social dialogue.


“I love it. It’s so important to bring in different forms of

communication, particularly around triggering issues

which can be hard to talk or write about. Art is healing.”

Anonymous feedback

“It is a wonderful concept – using art to explore and to

express the issue of violence against women. I really value 

that kind of radical stance, and find it empowering.” 

Anonymous feedback

How to participate

Partners will be required to secure:

  • a period of time (minimum three weeks) on their calendar to host the artwork.
  • a visible and secure space to display the artwork, visually accessible to their community members.
  • a date to invite their community members to participate in an art workshop or talk facilitated by the artist and a member of the Sheroes team.

Additionally, they will be expected to:

  • promote the initiative on their social media
  • platforms, with assistance from the artist and Sheroes team.
  • include information about the project in their newsletters during the designated period of display.
  • contribute to evaluate the project in a short and medium term

“As an artist addressing abuse and trauma – I often find that galleries are hesitant to exhibit this kind of work. Lon-art provides a platform where we can collectively and effectively engage in conversation addressing gender- based violence through art, public workshops, talks and discussions. A very brave initiative to raise social awareness on this topic and support artist careers at the same time. I am super grateful for the visibility and financial support that Sheroes has provided.” 

Anonymous Sheroes artist 

Abigail Hammond Roadkill 1
Artist Abigail Hammond

Activist Art Hub

Additionally, as part of the project’s medium/long term strategy, we will establish the Activist Art Hub, a permanent online gallery to exhibit and archive the work of our Sheroes Interventions selected artists. To document these interventions and facilitate access for communities and the general public.

The Hub will expand beyond the initial phase to include more artists, archive activist art, facilitate sales and lending, and host physical exhibitions and events to further engage communities and the private sector.

And our partner network will be expanding across the UK.

We are eager to explore opportunities for collaboration and would welcome your input and support as we embark on this journey. So should you be willing to know more about the project, please get in touch with Maria Gonzalez (Lon-art Creative Director and Sheroes Interventions Creative Producer) on

*Sheroes project stands for diversity and therefore includes women, trans and gender non-conforming individuals, without them our mission wouldn’t be complete.

If you share our views and mission and would like to contribute to the cause, please donate. 

All the money raised will go towards running more Sheroes events.