Lon-art presents Sheroes–Revoluciones, a project designed to draw attention to violence against women* providing a platform for 30 women artists, survivors and change-makers.

Sheroes–Revoluciones (Revolutions) is inspired by the impact of grassroots organisations throughout Latin America and Spain that have gathered people in their thousands to protest against the normalisation of rape, sexual violence, harassment, reproductive rights and gender inequality. These protests have not only resulted in political debates and a handful of court cases but in a global outcry that has been largely ignored. We have had enough:

-1 in 3 women (worldwide) have experienced physical or sexual violence in their lives.**

-2019 (UK) 1,300,000 women suffered domestic violence***

-2017 (UK) 139 women died as a result of male violence****

Sheroes–Revoluciones aims to visualise this social issue, using the arts to express, reflect, prevent and heal involving different social agents.

The SheroesRevoluciones exhibition on November 22-24 included 30 women artists
The exhibition was divided into three categories: domestic violence, invisible violence and activism, in the hope of encouraging conversation that transcends the taboo and shame surrounding violence. These categories attempt to unveil depictions of women’s experiences that can become sites of abuse such as race, motherhood, the menopause and abortion rights. 700 people joined us in celebrating the revolutions that are contributing to real changes around the world and giving us all hope in order to keep up the fight.

* Sheroes project stands for diversity and therefore includes women, trans, and gender non-conforming individuals, without them our mission wouldn’t be complete.

** Source: World Health Organisation

*** Source: Crime Survey of England & Wales

**** Source: Counting Dead Wome

Luliia Iarova
Sheroes-Revoluciones is an outcry, a collective howl that bears disturbing stories and uncomfortable truths. A celebration of women’s strength and power. A testimony of the relentless fight against the violence we suffer day in and day out.
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María González
Founder and Creative director
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''Sheroes Revoluciones is a movement I hold close to my heart; it’s a safe place for people who identify as women to share their experiences and explore the experiences of others in their own creative way. I myself as a working class black woman of dual heritage based in London, UK have always found it hard to be heard. Being naturally socially awkward and introverted, I tended to shy away from speaking up and would use my art to vocalise my opinion. Not everyone valued my art nor it’s meaning; rejection was a common theme as it wasn’t always tame and aesthetically pleasing. Unfortunately life for me isn’t “tame”, therefore how can I create work that is? Sheroes has allowed me to be heard and my work to be seen. It has elevated my confidence and offered me great opportunities by becoming a Shero. I am a Shero, I hold my head up high.''
Rachelle Romeo
Rachelle Romeo


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Sheroes - Revoluciones is happening thanks to The National Lottery Community Fund
'Sobreviver' by Nina Fraco
'Sobreviver' by Nina Fraco

If you share our views and mission and would like to contribute to the cause, please donate. 

All the money raised will go towards running more Sheroes events.


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