What does it mean to be a ‘shero’? Or even the more celebrated (male) ‘hero’?

On this two-hour interactive tour at the National Gallery, we will examine and deconstruct the virtues of heroism, from strength and sacrifice to leadership and ingenuity, looking at how these qualities are reflected in the history of art, particularly when it comes to women.

Are the characteristics of female ‘sheroism’ necessarily the same as those of the archetypal hero? Are we able to break away from such imposed categories?

We highlight women’s hidden herstories, uncovering resistance against oppression and battles against adversity. Female artists who achieved visibility against the odds, factual and fictional named women ‘of note’, and the everyday, unknown shero – activists, queens, mothers and saints all passing unnoticed and waiting for us to reveal their inspiring stories!

About us:

This tour will be guided by Jessica or Maria. We are passionate art educators, dedicated to opening up museums to wider audiences and encouraging more people to enjoy art and have their say. Both with Masters in Art History, we work as teachers and museum professionals.

Quotes about previous tours:

‘A really interesting and informative experience. Jessica was an engaging and thought-provoking guide, linking representations and situations of women across different time periods. Thank you for a fascinating and enjoyable afternoon.’ Mandy, UK

‘I had such a fabulous time exploring the National Gallery and discussing selected artworks through a feminist/gender lens. The guides were super friendly, making you feel super comfortable and like you’re just chatting with a group of friends. They were knowledgeable and had prepared discussion points around many interesting topics and artworks. I learned so much and came out of it feeling inspired and energised!’ Carolina, USA

‘This tour was the highlight of my London trip. Our guide was brilliant and warm. She introduced us to some brand new paintings and made us look at familiar famous paintings providing a wealth of context that made them look brand new. Art might be one of the most demonstrative crafts, but knowing the story behind it is staggering. My mind was blown. It did not hurt that the rest of the people on the tour was absolutely smashing as well. Thank you for an incredibly memorable experience’ Addy, UK

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