Djanan Turan

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Born in 1978, Adana, Turkey

Living in London since 2001

I write songs,perform. My songs are most often like stories on people’s interactions, love, pushing borders in life, search for yourself, I very am into stories, not only about just what happened but all the other possibilities of how things can turn out.

Djanan Turan began singing at the age of 14 with her school band in Adana. Influenced by a variety of musical styles, she has been on a long journey of finding her own sound. Turan has studied singing with Timur Selcuk, a highly acclaimed composer, singer, and conductor. His approach to music, determined and persistent work ethic, and ethical values has made a lasting impact on Turan. Since the artists arrival in London, she has released an album, 2 EP’s, and 4 singles. Turan has toured and recorded with several bands including: The Egg, Sam and The Womp, and Awale. She has been performing regularly with her band in the UK festival circuit.

Who is your shero and why?

My mum is my first ever shero. She is an incredibly strong woman, keeping a constructive and positive approach, no matter what difficulties life has brought.

Other sheroes of mine are women artists such as Bjork, Marina Abramovich, and Nina Simone. These women have kept a strong vision and managed to cut through rules, assumptions and the challenges of this very patriarchal world.I also have quite a few women friends that I keep very close. They have been in my life for years and they give me great sense of how I am doing in life and if my integrity is intact.

How does the work you are presenting exemplify the theme of ‘sheroes’?

Years ago in an interview I was asked to reflect on being a woman in the music world.  I answered that I didn’t position myself as a women, despite the fact that it sometimes feels like a ‘boys’ game’; the industry is  hard for all parties. Years after I must say, I have been assured many times that it is a boy’s game. I work with incredible men and women; however, there is that general notion that if you just let go of the control a bit, to that guy, whoever, to sort out your music, it will sound better. I hope I exemplify the theme by being a persistent female voice in the music world, adamant to tell my stories and to empower women.


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