Bukola Thompson


Born in 1991 in Lagos, NigeriaLives and works in London, UK


Buki Kekeré’s drawings act as a catalyst to spark conversations around the politicised and sexualised female body. Her intent is to allow women the opportunity to reclaim and restore pride in their bodies, whatever their body type, shape and size. Buki has collaborated with Tate, Female Muslim Creatives and Black Blossoms, and has achieved recognition from national press and media.

‘As a Black Muslim Woman, I’m all too aware of how we are perceived by society. As a Muslim, you are somehow regarded as ‘oppressed’, and being Black puts even more up for scrutiny, from the way we wear our hair to our physical features, such as our full lips and skin colour. I want my art to act as an agent for self-care and an escapist outlet from all the toxicity that we unfortunately encounter on a daily basis.’

Buki’s work was selected for exhibition in collaboration with Black Blossoms.