Siglo XXII (XXII Century) is a Spanish company dedicated to data analytics. They process linguistic data from Twitter and analyse the collective thinking about a particular question in a particular moment. They use computational linguistic techniques and data science in order to develop their work. SIGLO XXII was founded by Ana González, PhD in Computational Linguistics and Ignacio Bustos, software developer.


Misogynist Troll Huntress, returning to analog data, 2019
Display based on Digital data printed. 


Misogynist Troll Huntress is an app developed with the aim to fightback against misogynist male Twitter users and networks, who falsely accuse women, victims and survivors of violence, of reporting fake allegations in an attempt to get welfare benefits and damage men’s reputation.

The aim of this display is to provide the audience with a different experience when looking at data, by reversing the traditional process from analog to digital.

stabbed 17/51 shot 11/51 beaten 10/51 slaughtered 5/51 unknown 3/51 strangled 2/51 suffocated 1/51 burnt 1/51 beaten and hypoglycemia attack 1/51 stabbed and slaughtered 1/51 beaten and stabbed 1/51
Number of men who committed suicide
after killing their partners 16/51