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Sheroes-Revoluciones keeps drawing attention to violence against women*, now with a Women’s Herstory Month Edition event.

Lon-art’s fight to draw attention to violence against women and girls is still on and so Sheroes-Revoluciones comes back with another exhibition to commemorate Women’s Herstory Month.

Sheroes-Revoluciones WHM Edition will give continuity to Lon-art’s mission to provide a platform for artists, survivors and change-makers. The WHM Edition will include 11 artists from the Sheroes-Revoluciones exhibition in November that will create brand new artworks for the occasion: Farnoush Amini – Sheroes-Revoluciones Prize winner -, Abigail Hammond, Amy Oliver, Anne Plaisance, Cherish Marshall, Divya Mittal, Felicity Taylor, Lidia Lidia, Michaela Haynes, Rachelle Romeo and Susana Millán.

This time around, Sheroes-Revoluciones will also include a full day of panel talks on Saturday March 21st that through the voices of women in the academia, public figures, artists and activists will provide a space for reflection on the following topics:

– violence against women and girls and the state,

– women’s (mis)representation and the importance of the highlighting hidden herstories of our societies, and

– what is next for feminism.

Panelists will be announced soon!

Sheroes-Revoluciones was launched on 22-24 November 2019 with an exhibition that showcased 30 artists from all over the world and was attended by over 700 people. The project is inspired by the staggering statistics that show how women are potential and real victims of violence in our society (domestic abuse, rape/sexual assault, revenge porn, gender pay gap among others):

-1 in 3 women (worldwide) have experienced physical or sexual violence in their lives.**

-2019 (UK) 1,300,000 women suffered domestic violence***

-2017 (UK) 139 women died as a result of male violence****

Sheroes–Revoluciones aims to visualise this social issue, using the arts to express, reflect, prevent and heal involving different social agents.

** All the money raised with the tickets sales will go to run future Sheroes-Revoluciones activities across London. **

Farnoush Amini
Sheroes-Revoluciones is an outcry, a collective howl that bears disturbing stories and uncomfortable truths. A celebration of women’s strength and power. A testimony of the relentless fight against the violence we suffer day in and day out.
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María González
Founder and Creative director
Lon-art's Sheroes events always address extremely important subjects too rarely discussed in a creative way. Ugly Duck is proud to partner with Lon-art again for their Revoluciones exhibition in November 2019 tackling violence against women. Our ethos really resonate with each other, indeed their topics and support to emerging artists is something that we extremely value and pursue as well.
Deen Atger
Creative Producer at Ugly Duck
Activist Lidia Lidia

What's on Programme for Sheroes-Revoluciones

Panel Talks:

This time around, Sheroes-Revoluciones will also include a full day of panel talks that through the voices of women in the academia, public figures, artists and activists will provide a space for reflection on the following topics:



‘Violence Against Women and Girls and the State.’

This topic will endeavour to engage conversations around how society perpetuates VAWG, undergirded by structural violence present within our governance structures.

PANELLISTS: Catherine Hinwood, Deputy Director for Family and Criminal Justice Policy at the Ministry of Justice, Tara Casey, Women’s Justice Advocate from Appeal, Deeba Syed, Activist and sexual harassment lawyer for rights of women, Marcela Benedetti representative of Latin American Women’s Rights (LAWRS), lawyer and activist, Laura Gomez, Training and Development Coordinator at Solace Women’s Aid and North London Rape Crisis Centre Manager and Lara Snowdon, Violence Prevention Programme Lead at Public Health Wales.



‘What is next for feminism. Looking forward.’

From #MeToo, to #TimesUp, #YoSíTeCreo and Chilean feminist performance; ‘Un violador en tu camino’ we have seen a surge in global feminist uprising – but what next? Have we gone far enough? This panel talk will address some of these burning questions as we look to the future of feminism.

PANELLISTS: Mandu Reid, Leader of the Women’s Equality Party, Ammaarah Zayna, activist, writer, educator and campaigner with Our Streets Now, Violeta Monzón Interian, counsellor and forensic psychologist, Lucy Warin from Transition by Design and Bisila Noha, artist and Director at Operations at Lon-art.

The day will be finished with our traditional Sheroes Late. A sheroic session of Afro-beat, Afro-disco, Caribbean, Soca, Calypso, Latin tunes and more by Paula Juana from Soundway Records!


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