Sheroes–Revoluciones is an art project designed to draw attention to violence against women*

Sheroes–Revoluciones aims to visualise this social issue, using the arts to express, reflect, prevent and heal involving different social agents.

As a warm up for the exhibition, we are compiling a list of articles and papers about violence against women and girls.


Is it really just the cuts? Neo-liberal tales from the women’s voluntary and community sector in London Read now

Cutting Black and minority ethnic women’s organisationsRead now

Sisters Uncut, ‘As Survivors of Domestic Violence, We Know This New Law Will Fail Others’  (The Guardian – London, 12 March 2008) – Read now

Armine I, ‘Neoliberalism And Violence: The Big Society And The Changing Politics of Domestic Violence in England’ (2014) 3 Critical Social Policy 1

Brah A, Szelanda I, Gedalof I, ‘Introduction: Feminism And The Politics of Austerity’ (2015) 109 Feminist Review 1

Sokoloff N and Pratt C, ‘Domestic Violence At The Margins: Readings On Race, Class, Gender And Culture’Read now

Galtung, J, ‘Violence, Peace And Research’

VAWG is a human rights issue – Read now

Rights of Women (ROW), Silenced Voices Speak: Strategies For Protecting Migrant Women From Violence And Abuse (2010) – Read now

Women’s Resource Centre, Factsheet: Women and The Cuts 2012. Understanding and Supporting

Women and Their Organisations (2012) – Read now

Feminist Killjoy – Sara Ahmed (2018: The Scholar & Feminist Online) – Read now

Hemmings C, ‘Why Stories Matter: The Political Grammar Of Feminist Theory’ (Duke University Press 2011)


About Spain and Latin America in Spanish 


Victorias y derrotas del movimiento feminista latinoamericanoRead now

CEPAL: Al menos 2.795 mujeres fueron víctimas de feminicidio en 23 países de América Latina y el Caribe en 2017Read now

Día de la mujer; ¿cómo es la lucha feminista en América Latina? – Read now

Legislación sobre la práctica del aborto en el mundo – Read now

Más de 280 feminicidios en América Latina en lo que va del 2019 – Read now

Spain’s female bodyguards who protect abused women – Read now




* Sheroes project stands for diversity and therefore includes women, trans, and gender non-conforming individuals, without them our mission wouldn’t be complete.