It feels quite liberating to be unapologetically black

For decades, I have been made to feel as though that was unacceptable

Being unapologetically black wasn’t maintainable

Growing up in white suburbia was about survival and not just being

Hearing the jokes, jibes and the tapping into the resistance to stop myself from shouting “NO!”

I was raised by a society to hate my colour

Not being light enough to be beautiful

No qualifications will certify me as an able individual

Now I live a life of destitute,

Yet I am more experienced and accomplished than my white substitute

Paying rents, not able to buy whilst they rinse their white privilege and keep flying high

Now being unapologetically black,

I’m going to go and reclaim OUR justice back

From now on I will counteract all slurs

Be consistent and not let my paranoia occur

I am emotionally articulate, not aggressive

They made me believe, I was angry and stupid

Not correct and left me defeated

This time around I am going to be featured for my greatness

Not made to feel that I was nothing but weakness

There to fulfil a purpose, but not have my own;

Supporting their sexualise idealisation of their distorted vision of my being. Without appreciating me as a whole

All I want is to be equal to you, my colour is just a factor that should mean literally nothing negative nor impactful for you.


By Rachelle Romeo
June 8th 2020