Anna recently graduated with a first class honours in Photography from Coventry University. Her practice has grown over the past few years looking at the use of art and protest in conjunction with one another, with a particular focus on looking at women in society through a feminist lens in her visual work. Past exhibitions include her university degree show in which she presented this work to start sharing it with the world, to begin raising awareness.


Some Mild Sexual Humour, 2019

Mixed media


Some Mild Sexual Humour was developed as a visual art project to address the sexual harassment of women and how this unacceptable behaviour towards women is being normalised within society. It focuses on identifying a possible reason for this attitude by examining whether the romanticised and comedic depiction of sexual harassment within popular film and TV programmes contribute to the normalisation of rape culture. 

Extensive research was used to appropriate a range of popular British and American film and TV clips depicting mild sexual harassment to more explicit scenes of abuse and rape. The clips selected span several decades from the 1960s to current day, highlighting that the normalisation of rape culture towards women has been historically ingrained into society and continues to be an ongoing issue in these popular culture mediums. Isolating these acts from their original romanticised and comedic scenes make them increasingly uncomfortable to watch and signify that they are stark representations of the sexual abuse and harassment of women