Amy Oliver
Amy Oliver is a UK based, self-taught artist who creates concept driven work based on themes around domestic violence and female vulnerability. She draws on narratives from the female perspective based on her own experiences of women’s rights and identity, domestic violence, mental health and invisible illness.


Blurred Perspective, 2019

Short looped video


“This looped, very short, simple and silent film is a collection of derogatory and inflammatory words commonly used towards women. It’s very easy to be dismissive with spoken words but when visual with no distraction my hope is that they become more discernible and impactful.”

Himatoma, 2019

Unique print


“My intention is to create subtle, relatable images that portray both the frangible and durable elements of our existence; in which the subject matter is almost secondary and conversely more intense, and which express vulnerability and instability but also allude to the fundamental core strength within. This piece is my most blatant – I wanted to push the implied boundary. Physical domestic violence leaves marks and all too often is hidden – by the abused for many reasons; and generally by the media as it makes people very uncomfortable and thereby stigmatises the issue further. ‘Himatoma’ is a play on haematoma which is the medical term for a bruise.”