Cherish Marshall

Cherish Marshall is a co-founder of the Uncovered Collective. Working across a range of mediums she makes work that focuses on poignant moments in time from the female perspective. Her work is often site-specific and she has recently exhibited at the Freud Museum.


What type of Mother could I be?

Cot with Three Silk Dolls

Mixed Media

I thought I was doing the right thing

Silk Doll

If the circumstances were different

Silk Doll

Of course I’ll Never forget

Silk Doll

“These dolls reflect the social stigma and personal questions one gets when having an abortion. The title of the work drawing from the moral disagreement that a mother might have within themselves even if they feel that they are doing the best thing for the child. This work isn’t trying to promote Pro-Life or Pro-Choice, but allow to create a discussion, to see both side of the coin. Like with everything in life nothing is simple and we need to talk about these issues.”