Laura Greenway

Laura Greenway - Wiped Out, 2020

Paola Paredes

Paola Paredes – Today’s been hard, 2020

Abigail Hammond

Abigail Hammond – Head F**cked, 2020

Insuk Kwon

Elise Mendelle

Elise Mendelle - In the Dark, 2020

Svetlana Ochkovskaya

Svetlana Ochkovskaya – Adapting To The New Reality Of Life Under Lockdown

Sarah Strachan

Sarah Strachan - Liminal vessels, 2020

Irene G. Ruiz

Irene G. Ruiz – Freedom in Lockdown, 2020

Alice Brookes

Alice Brookes​ – Three weeks in lockdown

Amanda Harvey


A fly buzzes

A whirring drone

The dog sighs

We’re at last alone.

For one short morning

The house is mine

A quiet fort

Of my design.

The wind rallies

A car door shuts

Pigeons call

And sparrows fuss.

We lay on the sofa

The dog and I.

I watch the clouds

She shuts her eyes.

I feel my breath

I feel my aches

I hear the sounds

My stomach makes.

I ignore the mess

Around the room

The toys and books

I should tidy soon.

Leaf shadows dance

Above my head

A compelling show

To watch instead.

Amanda Harvey – Alone for one morning

Yara Ritcherin

Yara Ritcherin – Tired of Trees

An Yan

Kelly Frank

Kelly Frank - Hope

Linett Kamala

Linette Kamala - Regardless

Clareese Hill

Clareese Hill – Living in Assemblage through Opacity, Care, and Poetics. A Survival Praxis for NOW.


Fine art print – Digital art Giclée | 80cmx95cm | £1000

Carly Riegger

Ceramic and Fabric | 14"x8"x8" | £320

Allison lee

Textile mask and burgundy red embroidery | £505

Cecilia Gallerani

Collage | 21cmx27.5cm | £150

Marga Rebolledo

Susana Millán

Stay Home | Video Monologue

Marley Treloar

Touch Screen, Touch Me | Video | £250

Youngsook Choi

Camilla Hanney

Broomstick, hair | £700


Hanna Dujmović

Acrylic on canvas | 80cmx60cm | £150

Sam Heydt

Mixed media and Acrylic on wood panel | 68cmx60cm | £3000

Agnieszka A. Dlugosz

Acrylic paint on acrylic knit | 23cmx31 cm | £495

Cece Carpio

Print from original work | Limited edition of prints (100) | 16"x20" | NFS

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Sheroes is a Lon-art project. Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.

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