Sheroes in Quarantine is Lon-art’s first online exhibition dedicated to highlighting women’s issues and roles during the Covid-19 social crisis.  

At Lon-art, we felt that the Covid crisis was the moment to re-think how our current societies are structured and reinvent the way we co-exist with one another. Creativity, activism and community foster these possibilities and invite the re-imagining of a society that works for all – a prospect in reach.

Sheroes in Quarantine was first launched in May 2020 showcasing 14 artists and six writers. In the Autumn of 2020, Sheroes in Quarantine Part II, supported by Art Fund, showcased 15 new artists, giving a voice to many more women’s stories and experiences raised since the first edition.

These herstories uncover the impact that lockdown and isolation have had on artists’ creativity and practice and the risks that the Covid-19 crisis has posed, and continues to pose, on women’s lives and their mental health. For this edition we wanted to focus on three specific themes that have been affected more than others by the pandemic: Women and Mental Health, Women of Colour and Mothers.

Sheroes in Quarantine is a homage to these diaries of personal narratives that the 29 exhibited artists have been so brave to share.

behind closed doors



Laura’s piece “Wiped Out” explores Greenway’s anxiety in relation to the current pandemic situation and thus was part of the Mental Health section of the exhibition.

Having contamination based OCD, the artist spends a large portion of her time engaged in cleaning rituals that are time consuming, frustrating and tedious.

For a total of over 24 hours, she printed her intrusive thoughts regarding the pandemic, letter by letter onto the toilet paper, a task that was long, laborious and tiresome, a process reflecting the nature of her anxiety filled thoughts and compulsions.

Learn more about Laura and her work on her Sheroes Interview here.



Being a neurodivergent artist, having to isolate myself during the pandemic has been a great strain on my mental health, but through Sheroes I have had the chance to virtually meet and work with a range of artists and take part in some really helpful and inspiring workshops. Sheroes made it possible for me to connect with the art world again at a time when connection is so important and being chosen for the project meant that I was able to get the work I had produced during lockdown seen by people all over the world - it really was a dream come true to take part!

Talks and Workshops

Sheroes in Quarantine is part of Lon-art’s flagship project Sheroes, a collaborative initiative that brings together UK and international artists, feminist organisations, charities and the general public.

Reflecting upon the comparative lack of female role models in society, Sheroes is a platform for the public and artists to share hidden herstories through visual art, workshops and talks. 

Sheroes in Quarantine is Lon-art’s fourth Sheroes exhibition and the very first one online. To know more about Lon-art and Sheroes, visit our websites

Sheroes in Quarantine part II was funded by the Art Fund

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Sheroes is a collaborative project that highlights hidden herstories through the arts.

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Sheroes is a Lon-art project. Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.

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