Untitled (subtitle: Female R-Existence)
by Simona


Reading writing

writing reading 

to keep my mind busy and do not become mad

do not think too much

about what’s going on

beyond my window

I can’t deal with all this

I don’t have the possibility

I can’t touch you really

How can I heal your suffering?

I can just

reading writing

writing reading

to be connected with you

who are suffering now

to be connected with all this world

that is crying its tears

and its desperation

When will it finish, all this



Pen and paper

my only tools

to reach you 

my friend

to support you

wherever you are

whatever you endure

I am with you

our hands can’t touch now

but our hearts feel the same

because we are the same

rich poor

straight lesbian

living in America or Africa

Bangalore or China

I am you

You are me

And when all this will stop

we will be able 

to touch our hands

and walk together

towards a new sunrise

with a never seen rainbow

arising for us

(we are doing it already

we just can’t see it, now)


We just have to feel the light

around us

the human kiss

blessing our souls

the hug of nature

giving us 

another chance



Dear sister

our time has come

it’s up to us

to bring together

lonely hearts

empower them

with a big hug

that embraces

the universe and our path.


Money has been confused with an aim

that doesn’t exist

our routes being filled 

with injustice and fear

now the time has come

to rise up

giving us and the nature

the power to act.


Bring your injured soul

to my injured soul

let’s heal our grief

we are going towards a new belief


We have never been so lonely

as now

We have never been so united

as now


The power of life is

with us

to create an universe

that heals us,

all embraces

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