Sheroes Prize
Marga RH

Quarantine Artist Diaries-
Dispatches from life in times of confinement

“This personal artist diary is the result of a creative exercise to avoid despair and share the humorous moments that I have found during the complex times of COVID-19. This period of quarantine is full of challenges and we are together trying to make sense of the catastrophe of loss of life, of loss of income, of the deepening of inequalities and massive governmental mismanagement of the crisis (definitely in the UK but also so many other places). For me it is still hard to find ways to address big issues, such as the lack of PPE, the effects this crisis has on people made even more vulnerable, the constant news of those who, on the frontlines, are actually being sacrificed by the lack of appropriate government action. So instead I have chosen to share the story of my day to day experience, in the hope that this might put a smile on people’s faces. I hope that by doing this I am addressing how disoriented many of us feel and how important it is to find ways to cope, and to keep doing our bit to support each other in getting through this crisis. Be it by humour, stark political criticism, mindful reminders or inspirational ideas, art can uplift and make us keep our heads and hearts together, so we can carry on.”

Marga is a London-based Latin American feminist, artist and campaigner on issues around gender justice (particularly reproductive justice), protecting human rights defenders, and migrant’s rights.⁣

She uses illustration as a means to channel everyday struggles, for personal therapy and self-care, and as a campaign tool.⁣

We love Marga’s visual reflection on ‘Hello JSA, my old friend’ around the current social crisis and the way it is affecting many people, including artists. These artists’ diaries are a mix of originality, skill, reflection and humour.⁣

Thanks to @greatart_uk for supporting the #sheroes cause and our community of women artists.⁣

1. Hello JSA, my old friend

Illustrations | 12" x 12" | POA

2. Can we fix this?

3. Return to the JSA call

Illustrations | 12" x 12" | POA

4. Treasures of the river

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Sheroes is a Lon-art project. Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.

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