Sara Reid


Born in 1986 in Singapore Lives and works in London, UK

Sara Reid is a multimedia artist interested in themes of identity, race and childhood. She is also influenced by her studies in art psychotherapy and exploring the unconscious.

Sara is currently studying for an MA in SUBJECT at Goldsmiths. Prior to that, she completed her Art Foundation course at Morley College, London. She is interested in communications and has worked in documentary film-making and as an English teacher.

Who is your shero and why?

I’m interested in the everyday unseen and unheard women who operate in the private sphere and are often neglected, unappreciated or abused. Domestic helpers from Asia, for instance. I am also interested in women who fight for what they believe in even if it means suffering. The Suffragettes who endured force-feeding were extraordinary in their passion and commitment to get their message heard.

How does the work you are presenting exemplify the theme of ‘sheroes’?I am interested in exploring and presenting the views of women performing tasks such as child rearing, cleaning and cooking that go unappreciated – either seen as boring or not hard work – and doing so with grace, under extraordinarily difficult circumstances. I am interested in exploring the points of view of domestic helpers who are ill-treated by their employers. Slavery still exists and women from Asia can be forced into slavery by abusive employers. I am creating a video from the perspective of an enslaved domestic helper, showing the tensions between the gentle rhythms of her daily life and the difficulties she encounters.




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