Procreate Project


Established in 2013 by Dyana Gravina, Procreate Project is the very first art organisation supporting the development of contemporary artists who are also mothers working across art-forms.

Procreate Project is place of knowledge, representation, artistic production, publication and experimentation.

We work to support people who make, research, study, teach, produce, care and write about the maternal experience or they do all the above while mothering, creating the prime conditions for the production of works that would not otherwise be created.

By conceiving new models and platforms that facilitate the happening of a solid artistic development and increased visibility, we want to make social changes that benefit women and their families.

Through art we want to unpack and put light on stereotypes and assumptions for which women cannot pursue their creative goals when raising small children.

Today Procreate Project offers online and offline platforms and opportunities for the display, screen and staging of works and connections with peers and organisations that can support artists at different stages of their development.


How does the work you are presenting exemplify the theme of ‘sheroes’?

In September 2017 Procreate Project launched a new prize in the contemporary arts. The organisation invited artists to respond to the theme of Left Overs.

What’s left of our sanity, bodies, sexuality, time and identities when mothering? What remains unused or unconsumed? How do left overs feed creativity?

Procreate Project is giving its contribution to Sheroes, with selected works from the molti media show which was previously displayed at the 198 Contemporary arts and learning featuring 20 artists voicing the diversity of motherhood and womanhood through a multi media art show.







Touched Out_Dawn Yow_Photography_8x12in(1)

Left Overs no more ii_Rajaa Paixao_burnt watercolour on fabric, pebble stones, chicken wire, paper mache, hooks, resin plaster, spray paint, light string_36 x 58 x 58 cm (angle 2)

things I found in my sons pockets_Tracey Kershaw_21x18x12cm_1

I am here (it just doesnt feel like it sometimes) _ Jane Glennie _ C-type metallic print_ 620x416mm


Baby led dance, baby leads me_Daphne Groves_porcelain steel_56h 60w 40d

SleepWhenSheSleeps_JessicaTimmis_Painting and Text_30.4x40.6cm

Wake up-AImee Bourne-photo on fabric distressed with embroidery-20.4x25cm





Touched Out_Dawn Yow_Photography_8x12in