Laila Sharif


Born in 1971 in Tripoli, Libya

Lives and works in Tripoli, Libya

Sharif is a passionate advocate of the arts as a mode of communication that can be utilised to instigate change, particularly when coupled with modern social media. Her work explores nature, beauty, spirituality. It speaks to human sufferings, women struggles, refugees plights, threats to the environment, cultural isolation, exclusion, hate, violence, and conflict. The artist aspires to build bridges, initiate and maintain dialogues, empower women, and promote the right to peace and a safe home for all.

Sharif’s wide scope of interest and involvement in various projects in Libya and in many other countries, has enabled her to build a rich solid portfolio. She uses mixed media (photography, graphic, digital illustration, ink, glass).

Who is your shero and why?

My Sheros is Um Kulthom, once described as one of the world strongest most amazing voices. Um Kulthoum is not only a cultural icon, she is a an important piece of the social fabric of Egypt and the MENA region. She is a creative woman in time of war and civil unrest. Um Kulthom’s career, achievements, and struggles have had a strong impact on contemporary life in Egypt and the Middle east. How she paved the path for new generations of women.