Ishita Singh


Born in 1992 in New Delhi, India

Lives and works in New Delhi, India

Ishita Singh is a visual artist and portrait photographer based out of New Delhi, India. Ishita is known for her performative self portraits and her practise, primarily investigates the construction of identities and the rigid dimensions of femininity in the urban Indian society using humour and obstructions.

A fashion and portrait photographer by profession, Ishita delved into the art world as a medium of escape, in a way, critiquing and creating a dialogue with the same industry that she is a part of. Ishita recently graduated from LCC with a distinction in MA Photography and has been a part of multiple exhibitions in the last 2 years – ‘Threefold’ in London and Hanghzhou China, ‘Women on Women’ at the POCKO Gallery London.

Who is your shero and why?

Amrita Sher-gil, (also known as the Frida Kahlo of India) was an icon and one of the first artists to bring Modern Art to India. Sher-gil’s paintings of women’s bodies, her own and those of ordinary Indians, were a revolutionary and a beautiful mix of modern European paintings with traditional and primitive Indian forms.

How does the work you are presenting exemplify the theme of ‘sheroes’?

‘Empowering women since 1971’ looks at the projection of women in media-loving Modern India. Through impersonation, embodiment and displacement of characters sourced from advertisements and film stills, the work aims to question the authenticity of female representation and create a critical line between reality and the illusion of rigid notions.