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Sheroes-Revoluciones ‘Women’s Herstory Month Edition’ will host a series of panel talks with the aim to broaden the discussion  about violence against women and girls.

We are looking for women from different walks of life to share their perspectives and thoughts on the topics raised.
There will be 3 panel talks over the Saturday on topics of:
Women’s(Mis)representation: Why celebrating our Sheroes is important‘. With history in large told from a male, whitewashed trajectory we want to use this space to discuss why highlighting women’s hidden stories is vital not just for a feminist re-telling of history, but to honour those who have been overlooked and overshadowed, in ultimately assessing; has anything really changed?
What is next for feminism. Looking forward.’ From #MeToo, to #TimesUp, #YoSíTeCreo and Chilean feminist performance; ‘Un violador en tu camino’, we have seen a surge in global feminist uprising – but what next? Have we gone far enough? This panel talk will address some of these burning questions as we look to the future of feminism. 
Violence Against Women and Girls and the State.This topic will endeavour to engage conversations around how society perpetuates VAWG, undergirded by structural violence present within our governance structures.
Each talk will consist of 3 speakers and 1 chair. 
If you would like to participate and contribute to Sheroes-Revoluciones, please contact us at: info@lon-art.org