Alix Martínez and Juan Real


Alix MartínezBorn in 1978 in A Coruña SpainLives and works in London

Alix Martínez is a multidisciplinary artist based in London. Martínez studied Graphic Design and Visual Communication in Spain and continued her education in Germany at the Georg Ohm Fachhochschule Nürnberg. Martínez later attended Scuola Politecnica di Design school in Milan and Goldsmiths College in London where she completed MA in Computational Arts.

Her work is inspired by personal experiences. Martínez reflects on universal emotions that can be felt by anyone without distinction. She is interested in the relationship between humans and technology. The artist works with varied materials and tools to express her view of the world including watercolor, acrylic, photography, and creative coding.

Who is your shero and why?

Any woman that lives her live in the way she wants, free of remorse or regrets. A woman that face her life with a positive attitude and resilience in confront of the day to day challenges. A woman that is happy with herself as she is.

Juan RealBorn in 1980 in Málaga, SpainLives and works in London. Juan Manuel Real Garry is a creative coder that uses technology to improve everyday life. Real has an interest in data applications. The artist is particularly interested in how the use of technology and its impact. Real believes the more we understand technology, the more we will understand the world around us.


Who is your shero and why?

My mother is a good example of a shero. A woman that lives her life taking care of her close relatives. With courage and love without asking anything in return.

How does the work you are presenting exemplify the theme of ‘sheroes’?

The work we presented for Sheroes exhibition 2018 focuses in the value of the “anonymous Sheroes” in our society. Unknown, strong women that carry the weight of their family. These Sheroes are not recognised on the street, they do not appear in the cover of magazines or on TV. The incarnation of that woman is represented in this piece on the figure of Alix’s grandmother. The most modern woman she knows. She raised her three children alone. Whilst her husband was sailing in the far seas of Terranova and Gran Sol until his retirement. At her age (85), she goes to the gym every day in the mornings and walks an hour in the evenings. The most positive, strong, and reasonable person one could ever met.

Alix Martínez and Juan Real have worked together in the design industry where they push the boundaries of new technologies.